2020 Awards Show Rescheduled

Some of the ICMA board members spent last week in Gatlinburg in meetings with the Convention Center as well as the Edgewater Hotel and Chamber of Commerce trying to decide what would be the best plan of action moving forward for this year’s Conference and Awards Show due to everything going on and how it is effecting the artists. We understand everyone is having cancellations, and we feel postponing our event will allow the artists to get through this difficult time without the added expense of travel and hotel in order to be able to join us.

With that being said, the Board has decided to postpone our ICM Week and Awards Show to July 20-23, 2020. The 25th Annual ICM Awards Show will be held July 23, 2020. We hope you all are able to change your travel plans and join us in July, but we truly understand if for any reason you are not. Please feel free to call the office at (615) 742-9210 if you have any questions.

We are excited for this year’s event and had lots of fun and exciting things planned. Now that we have been given a little extra time to plan, we are excited about what else we will come up. We hope you can make your plans to join us July 20-23!!!

The ICMA Board members and staff will be continuing to pray for each of you. Please join us in prayer for the safety of everyone involved, our President, and our Nation as a whole!

ICMA Board of Directors